Wednesday, February 16, 2005

hypernarrative review: PETCO.com

Link: http://www.petco.com

E-commerce Site Description

PETCO, as the name implies, is a pet supplies online store. They specialize in selling premium pet food, supplies and services. Their products and services include apparel, cots/beds, books & media; feeding supplies; carriers, houses & crates; exercising equipment; collars, leashes & ID tags; Food; Gifts; Toys; health care and supplements; gifts & home décor; grooming services; training and travel services and many more for pets/animals. Not only does the site provide its clients with these services, but their site also include articles, a query/library that gives reliable advice, directory/phone listing of veterinarians, hospitals, hotels, pet-sitters, groomers, parks and other pet essentials that are in the client’s vicinity/place.

Website Layout and Navigation

Ø The pages are easy to navigate and the main page was able to briefly describe what their company offers, general information about their products and services without overusing words and taking up too much space in their page.

Ø The site was able to give specific description about their products and intended clients.

Ø The keys/buttons and links of the pages are simple, easy to navigate, and are consistent all through out. This feature is very important especially for first time visitors to keep them from feeling disoriented and lost.

Presentation of Products and Services offered by the company:

Ø Their products and services are categorized accordingly. For example: products specifically made for dogs are grouped in that manner. A user who wishes to view those that are available only for cats can just click the icon with a cat’s image on it to view their available products/services for cats.

Ø The products and services are easily seen as they are presented in graphical form. The images were a plus since not many users may know what a certain product would look like especially for first time pet owners who are still searching the market for the best finds for their pets.

Features of the Website

Ø The site also provides its users with a search and help function that readily aids to the needs, and concerns of their clients.

Ø In every page, one can quickly see a number of products that are featured for promotion purposes. These may be new products or products that are on sale. Under these images/list of products, the viewer can see a brief description and cost of the product and a link that allows him/her to add the product to his/her cart.

Ø They also included in their site additional features like Store locator, site map, gift cards and certificates, e-cards, message boards where the visitors can give their insights/comments to the products and services or site it self; links to various affiliates such as PETCO foundation; newsletter registration.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

testing 1...2...3 (Who's Dashboard???)


who the heck is dashboard???